Autronica Fire & Security AS, Norway
Autrosafe Oy represents the fire alarm systems of the Norwegian Autronica in the offshore business. Autrosafe can also supply the design work for Autronica’s alarm systems (fire and engine alarms) if necessary. Autronica’s fire alarm systems for on-shore building projects are imported by Caverion Oy, phone 010 4071.

Kongsberg Maritime AS, Norway
Sensors manufactured by Kongsberg are in a wide-spread use on ships and in machinery construction. The sensors of the Norwegian Kongsberg were previously known under the Autronica brand. Kongsberg manufactures such as temperature, exhaust gas, thermistor and pressure sensors

Color Light AB, Sweden
The Swedish Color Light manufactures high-quality searchlights. Color Light searchlights are mainly used on ships, but they are also suitable for lighting large areas on land, such as industrial areas and ports.

European Safety Systems, e2S, United Kingdom
The British e2s is a brand of electronic alarm sounders and beacons. Autrosafe Oy has been importing their flashing beacons, sirens and combination signals since 1995.

Pfannenberg GmbH, Germany
Pfannenberg produces electronic alarm sounders and flashing beacons, also for demanding uses. Pfannenberg products have certification from various classification societies. Sirens and flashing lights are also available for ex areas as atex approved versions.

Wikrolux Oy, Finland
The safety lighting products of the Finnish Wikrolux originated as battery-backed safety lights for ships. Today, Wikrolux manufactures a versatile range of exit signs, safety lights and safety light centres for both off-shore and on-shore applications. Wikrolux continues as a pioneer of the LED technology under such brands as Wikroled.

Emergency Lighting Products Ltd (ELP) is a recognised supplier of quality Emergency Lighting equipment to Lighting Manufacturers, Fire Equipment suppliers, Electrical Contractors and specialised Electrical Wholesalers. ELP UK differentiates itself from other Emergency Lighting Manufacturers by the superior levels of expertise and service that it offers. Established in 1995 ELP has consistently designed, developed and manufactured the highest quality emergency lighting products to suit every conceivable lighting application.

Airchime/Kahlenberg, USA
Kahlenberg manufactures air whistles under the originally Canadian brand of Airchime in the USA. Autrosafe has been the Finnish agent for Airchime air whistles for over 12 years.

HTS Hawke Transit Systems
Cable sealing systems.