Autrosafe Oy was established on 1 March 1995. At that time, the founders of Autrosafe Oy already had experience of the products, and co-operation with our principals goes back to 1985. The founders also had other types of experience in the off-shore sector from 1981.

Autrosafe Oy, which started out with 3 employees, has now expanded into a company employing a staff of 9. In the early days, our main customers were shipyards, diesel engine plants and shipping companies.

The marketing of emergency exit signs and safety lights manufactured by Wikrolux Oy to on-shore customers started in early 1990. Autrosafe Oy and Wikrolux Oy have been pioneers in introducing and developing LED technology for emergency exit signs and safety lighting.

From 2001, Autrosafe Oy has been part of the Copertura Group.