No compromise on safety

Autrosafe, AT-Marine Oy/Ltd. is a full service company established in 1995. We import electronic devices and systems. Our services include design, maintenance and installations. We also supply distribution boards and cabinets as well as cable sets tailored to customer needs. Our specialties include not only safety lighting but fire, gas and machinery alarm systems for ships, ship diesel engine temperature and pressure gauges, wireless temperature measurement systems for revolving machinery parts, bridge solutions for ships and VDR systems.

Our modern facilities is located in Mikkola, Vantaa, enjoy good connections. Since 2001, Autrosafe has been part of the Copertura Group, whose Dun & Bradstreet credit rating is AAA.

Our activities are based on an all-inclusive business idea; what we sell we can design, commission and service, and also install if necessary.

Autrosafe is constantly developing our know-how as a supplier of fire alarm systems for ships. We have designed, supplied and assembled fire alarm systems for passenger, cargo and military ships alike.

In partnership with Wikrolux Oy we have supplied a number of extensive addressable emergency exit and safety lighting systems around the country. Our well know central cabinet brand is Plansafe we assembly at Vantaa production.

Thanks to our continuous product development efforts, we are able to produce new solutions or make improvements in our existing products. The product development idea can come directly from a customer or originate in our own experience.