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30.8.2017 15:56

AUTROSAFE merge with AT-Marine Oy/Ltd.

AUTROSAFE will continue to operate as before as part of AT-Marine Oy/Ltd. as its auxiliary business name. Autrosafe Oy current contracts will be transferred to AT-Marine Oy/Ltd. as part of the merger.

Our staff will continue to work as today and all old contact information remains the same. The Autrosafe Oy Business ID will be deactivated and replaced by AT-Marine's Business-code 0903080-4. Also, our bank account information and online invoicing information are updated.

For further details, please refer to the attached annex.

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3.10.2016 22:26

As of May 26 2016, Pfannenberg Marine Equipment Directive approval

What is the MED Marine Approval?MED_certified_icon-1.jpg

The MED Mark of Conformity confirms that a product or piece of equipment is approved for use on board EU member state ships and ships of countries which have agreed to apply the Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC. This is sometimes referred to as the ‘wheelmark’ or ‘wheel mark’ and also known as M.E.D/MED approval or certification. It provides confirmation that the equipment or product is suitable for marine industry use.

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17.6.2013 11:56

A flash says more than a thousand words!

A flash says more than a thousand words!
Visual signaling devices ensure safety at first sight

Regardless of whether you use flashing lights or continuous lights – Pfannenberg’s visual signaling devices are ‚eye-catchers‘ that can save lives in every respect. They ensure any process status can be displayed in a timely manner. Thanks to their unmistakable demand for action, they offer the best prerequisites for running trouble-free production processes.
Certified with EN 54-23!

With the European standard EN 54-23 taking effect from 1 March 2013 onwards, for all fire alarm systems, additional visible signaling which comply with the EN 54-23 requirements and have the necessary certification are mandatory. Pfannenberg’s flash light PY X-S-05 in the standardized lamp cap colours red and clear is now available.

Benefit from top quality standards and a unique complete range.